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You’ll find lots of articles on getting fit and enjoying life as a mother to older kids.  I share my favourite easy meal recipes too.



1 million steps in 100 days

As part of my “Get fit for Christmas” goal, for the 100 days from 1 September to 9 December 2016 I’m aiming to walk 10,000 steps a day. Check how I’m doing here:

  • Actual 44.9%
  • Planned 50%

Apple and Raspberry Crumble

My daughter's started food and nutrition lessons at school. They can be a mixed blessing - I remember my son's lentil curry less than fondly, not because of his cooking abilities but due to the dire recipe and we're not big lentil fans anyway. But last week's dessert...

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The best macaroni cheese recipe …

... and I've tried a lot over the years. I think I've finally perfected it - this is the version my family enjoy anyway.  You could just use Cheddar cheese but the combination of the two different cheeses gives it a lovely taste and an appetising depp golden colour....

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Why George Osborne’s Sugar Tax is flawed

After George Osborne's budget today, the Sugar Tax has made another step towards becoming a reality in the UK. But while it's well intentioned and may well help to cut obesity levels, I feel it's sending out completely the wrong message.  Why? Because taxing sugary...

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Easy white chocolate cheesecake

This is a really easy, delicious, no-cook dessert that you can make a day or a few hours in advance. If you're not serving it to children, I'd highly recommend the amaretto version Serves 6-8 Ingredients 180g digestive biscuits 70g butter plus a bit extra for greasing...

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Creamed spinach

I'm trying to get us to eat a greater variety of vegetables so this week's experiment was with spinach - a creamed version.  (The adults skipped the carbs with this meal to make up for the cream!)  We love eating creamed vegetables with something plain and pan-fried...

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Chicken, chorizo and sweetcorn soup

I came up with this recipe while looking for something light but warming to feed Mr S when he comes back from his black belt class on winter evenings. It's deceptively filling for soup, especially if you serve it with chunky bread. Unlike many soup recipes, you don't...

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Roasted red peppers with tomatoes

After days of overindulging in rich Christmas food, it feels good to start 2016 with a more healthy lunch.  Quick to prepare and taking just 20 minutes to cook, we love these roasted red peppers for a light lunch or starter at any time of year. SERVES 2 Ingredients 2...

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